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Projection Hero

The Projection Hero installation is a miniature cinema (about the size of a small rabbit hutch), with operational cinema screen, curtains and lights which can be manipulated by any mobile device that can access the web. Just scan the QR code on the screen from within the Curzon Memories App to gain control of the cinema. Alternatively you can use any QR Reader or simply type in the URL on the screen into your web browser.

The installation situates you as the projectionist, inviting you to dim the lights, open the tabs and play the next reel. Hidden inside the box is a laptop which connects to an Internet server with an Arduino and h-bridge to control the curtains and lights. The default programme of screenings consists of short films celebrating the disappearing art of cinema projection in the digital age, but the cinema can also be programmed with alternative content, e.g. we screened young people's films from Watershed's Electric December during December 2011. Interspersed with the short films are the iconic Pearl and Dean idents from the 1950s to the present day, including the evocative 'Asteroid' theme tune.

Projection Hero can operate either as part of the Curzon Memories App, or as a stand alone exhibit controlled by any web enabled device. Tarim has also made a special control panel for all you geeks out there that want to play further, available on http://curzon.cplay.co.uk/extra.html though iPhone users might get better results with http://curzon.cplay.co.uk/ixtra.html. You have to get control in the same way – scanning the QR code or typing in the URL from the screen, but then you can go to the new control panel and play (or even write your own if you like).  See what you make of it .

Here's a short video demonstration.

Read the accompanying research blog here.

If you are interested in me coming to do a talk about my work, or in hiring the Projection Hero installation for an event or festival then please email me at charlotte.crofts@uwe.ac.uk. I love talking about my research and am keen to reach as wide an audience as possible.